You & Me

So, again… I saw you in my dream, that’s not unusual at all. It happened to me multiple times when I feel alone or I need the support of someone emotionally. You always came in my dream and I get my dose of Life to Live. It is so surprising because I know you have zero interest in me, you already friend zone me. Its a kind of thing which I am totally unable to understand. Why you always get the real meaning behind my words? We never are that kinda of friends or even close friends. We were and still are friends but we never used to share that kind of things with each other. If we do have some connection, then why you are not saying it? I already proposed and get a rejection from your side. Yeah, You rejected me and still the fool in me not accepted it as it does not effect on my emotions. Might be it’s my ego which is not getting the rejection or maybe I don’t love you enough to accept your decision or might be the reason, I love so selflessly to you as it does not effect on me. But, I definitely got hurt by your rejection, a lot. Anyways, It’s an old thing, Its been 4 years now, I proposed you on September 30, 2013, to you. However, I am talking about my dreams… the unusual thing is, last night, I didn’t remember exactly either I saw you or not, but I have a feeling as I was with you, I saw you. Its been a week now, Either I saw you in my dream or have the same feeling.


About Me

I write multiple of things as my first post and delete it. It happened when I was full of emotions or having multiple thoughts in my mind. I am here to write about my emotions, actually to rant about my emotions, my love and my fears. Yeah, I am too fearful to say all these things aloud. I have fears to lose a small connection which I have with him. Yeah, I can’t say all these things directly to him or to anyone.